About The Project

Founded by a group of NYC students during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Environment Project (also known as Project Environment or @ProjectEnv) is a youth-led nonprofit organization that dedicates our operations and skills to empower the next generation of climate activists and leaders by utilizing digital advocacy and grassroots efforts. At our core, we are young people from all walks of life – content creators, writers, social influencers, event coordinators, meme lovers, chocolate ice cream addicts, software engineers, coders, photographers, journalists, marathon runners, artists, singers, basketball players, and so much more.

At the Environment Project, we understand that there is an emergency. A climate crisis. Over centuries of time, us humans have created an ever-growing crisis by polluting our planet, destroying our ecosystems, and creating unhealthy living conditions for all forms of life across the world. While young people may just be 16% of the current population, they, their children, and their grandchildren will be the ones who experience the true horrors of climate change the most. That is, if we don’t work to stop the crisis now. Together, we are on a mission to bring climate-change awareness on the minds of youth everywhere.

NEW: As of June 2021, the Environment Project is fiscally sponsored by Youth Leadership Incubator Inc, dba HackPlus, a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization!


The Environment Project’s principles is the moral guide for our organization. All of our staff members and volunteers are required to uphold our principles in their daily life and work pertaining to the organization. Any action/event/work done by the Environment Project will follow these principles.

1. Anyone and everyone are welcome. At the Environment Project, we believe that in order to spread greater climate awareness, we will need the help of everyone to share this movement. 

2. We do not discriminate. Any form of hatred, racism, and discrimination are forbidden at all levels within the Environment Project. We are full supporters and believers in creating a more equal and just society. 

3. Youth are the solution. Young people have the most to lose in the fight against climate change. At the same time, they are an essential solution in combating this crisis and solving it. 

4. We are a family. All members and staff of the Environment Project are to be treated as family. We care for each other, and treat each other with the utmost level of respect and kindness.

5. We are leaders. At the Environment Project, we are all leaders in the calling for more young people to take action on the climate crisis. 

6. We are bold and brave. Our team of staff and volunteers are brave, and no challenges or obstacles can stop us. We are innovative in our methods, and we will continue to fight.

7. Violence is not the answer. Throughout history, we have always seen and been taught that violence is not the answer. The Environment Project believes in conducting all of our operations through non-violent means.


The Environment Project has a complex chain-of-command that ensures everyone has an equal and fair amount of work. Each team is apart of a specific department, which in turn is directed by the Board of Directors (executive board). Learn more about what each of our team does on a daily basis below!

Communications Department

Media Content

Responsible for development & production of new informational or promotional content/videos/images pertaining to organization mission. Also works closely with social media to publish content.


Drafts, edits, and publishes all blog pieces. Also works in a team-like environment to discuss current events and how articles can be drafted for them. For tips, email info@projectenv.org


The principle team of the communications department. They plan out and coordinate the entire process of campaigns, and interconnect with other teams to source materials and information needed.

Social Media

Constantly observing and utilizing modern trends, memes, and information to grow organization’s internet presence. Drafts weekly social media posters to deliver to Instagram and other accounts.


Primarily tasked with handling organization’s bi-weekly newsletter, as well as front-end email communications with our growing contact list. Maintains steady research to grow newsletter info to keep the public updated.

Coordination Department

Event Planning

Responsible for brainstorming & implementing organization events to educate and promote through collaboration with other teams within the department. Also plans fundraisers to create more engagement.


The group that is always digging through recent events to create new calls-to-actions to promote climate action amongst targeted audiences. Also tasked with management of Internship program to come in June 2021.


Primarily works with other coordination teams as well as other departments to produce necessary resources such as forms, presentation material, slides. Updates organization Mobilize & ActionNetwork accounts from time-to-time.


The management component of the organization; responsible for sorting organization paperwork & storage via Google Drive. Also works closely on fundraising and partnerships.

Human Resources

Tasked with developing, managing, and reviewing new team applications through close collaboration with the executive board and production team. Works to schedule meetings, send out emails, and resolve conflict.

Integration Department


Constantly developing UX interface & coding software via React & full-stack to create/publish organization app & website to come sometime later in January 2022. Also occasionally sets-up Zapier integrations through group account.

Website Development

Primarily focuses on managing organization’s WordPress account, updating website pages with relevant information, and coordinating web SEO to improve site ranking & mobility. Will analyze website to publish new features/options.


Responsible for keeping records of organization’s passwords, login information, and resolving any misuse occasions for organization accounts. Also constantly updates & create emails/accounts to ensure accuracy.

Design Department

Social Graphics

Responsible for working closely with the social media team to publish new informational & promotional graphics/posters on organization social handles to increase following and educate/inform. 

Statistic Graphics

Works closely with the research team & other departments to publish non-social related posters, such as facts, events announcements, and public statements that don’t involve a heavy amount of complex design elements.

Merchandise Graphics

To come soon in June 2021.