About Us

Our Story

Initially beginning with just three friends, and their friends. They all discovered a new found passion for the environment. It’s from that small moment that spread a grassroots group of students, that would eventually grow to become the Environment Project.

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple.

To give back to the planet that we never stop taking from.

The Environment Project stands as an organization led by student activists in the hopes of inspiring individuals to take up the important cause of climate activism.

By being an example to the local communities we take care of, we can bring awareness to the severity of the climate crisis. We can also demonstrate that change only requires a single step.

With the gradual decline of our only home, it is up to the individuals who choose to make a difference to pave the path forward for a better future.

Our Vision

With our approach to climate activism, we hope to make climate activism more widespread amongst our communities.

Especially amongst those who are not only most responsible for the future, but also the ones that depend on that future. Students, and young adults who are most likely to see the impact of our actions.

Our Approach

While climate activism is indeed an obligation. We don’t believe it has to necessarily feel like one.

There are many approaches and methods, including some that might seem minor or non-obvious at a first glance.

So at the Environment Project, we approach our activism through a wide variety of events. Including but not limited to your typical public park cleanups, to more unusual events such as *insert example later*.

We aim to make climate activism accessible, and fun for everyone involved!
In order to make a change, people need to come together so our events are just as much about climate activism as much as they are about community bonding.

So? Have you made your choice yet?

Earth is our home, and while there may be only one Earth. There are billions of people, it's our job to take care of it.