Laundry Detergent Refill Stations At Costco

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We shop at Costco like many families around the US and enjoy their products. We would like to have a refill station for detergent we use at Costco.

With Costco being one of the nation’s largest wholesales corporations, there are no doubt stores all across the US receive tons of consumers each year. One of the most popular items would be laundry detergent. Even though one container lasts for quite a while, this bulk and thick packaging produce waste at an extreme amount. However, there are many families that go through multiple large jugs annually, and the container is discarded immediately after. All of this plastic waste ends up in oceans and landfills, ultimately affecting the health of animals.

The purpose of this petition is to convince Costco to establish laundry refill stations with a small discount.

They are such a large corporation that there is no doubt they can afford to generate refill stations for their members that pay an annual membership fee. 

How You Can Take Action

1. Sign the petition. 

2. Use less detergent with each wash load (Most Americans use too much and their clothes end up damaging much faster).

3. Hand wash clothes with soap bars

4. Reuse laundry bottles for watering plants or other gardening purposes

5. Utilize the laundry containers for crafts

6. Recycle old laundry containers

7. Share this petition!

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Date Verified: 02/14/21

Signature Goal: 100

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