All it takes to start making change is simply wanting to be involved! The Environment Project is built on the hopes and drive of individuals just like you with the shared dream of wanting to have a better future!

We are composed of three departments each consisting of two to three teams.


This department is dedicated to outreach and organizing the many events that the organization has to offer! They are the backbone of this organization, and are a driving force in the organization outside of administration.

Event Team

Chapters & Expansion Team

Operations Team


This department is responsible for being our public face. These are the staff that produce social media posts, and otherwise attract engagement through more familiar means.

Social Media Team

Campaign Team


This department is responsible for some more behind the scenes, but still important work for the organization. They are responsible for the websites’ upkeep, as well as the design of promotional material that is often posted on social media.

Graphic Design Team

Integration Team