Single-Use Plastics From COVID-19 Are Choking Our Oceans and Killing Our Wildlife

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There's no doubt about it -- masks are saving lives.

Masks and gloves have been essential ever since COVID-19 occurred in early 2020. These materials have protected, saved, and kept many healthy and clean. However, the amount of wastage in our oceans and landfills are also quickly doubling.

Experts estimate that every month, we are using and throwing away close to “129 billion face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves.” Many of these are either disposed of improperly or are being carried by the wind off of trucks and out of landfills. There is no way to tell how many of these some 200 billion plastic and paper products are ending up in our oceans, floating alongside a whale that they could end up killing.

With hospitals utilizing multiple pairs of one-time use gloves in a short time span, waste is quickly adding up. Even though we must continue to use masks and gloves to ensure that we are staying healthy, the use of reusable masks should be highly encouraged. Hand washing and sanitizing should also be increased to install sanitary habits.

The purpose of this petition is to demand that all insurance providers make it a part of their formal COVID-19 response to provide reusable masks to those under their coverage, and to provide useful information on the benefits of reusable masks and hand washing.

How You Can Take Action

1. Sign the petition. 

2. Use reusable masks

3. Sanitize over gloves

4. Properly discard single-use masks and gloves

5. Reach out to Medical Insurance providers to convince them to fund plastic usage in hospitals

6. Share this petition!

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Date Verified: 02/14/21

Signature Goal: 190,000

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