Stop Arctic Drilling, Save Polar Bears

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Within weeks convoys of heavy trucks could be crushing polar bear dens in the Arctic Wildlife National Refuge. The trucks could scare mother polar bears into abandoning their dens, leaving their cubs to perish and sending the species into further decline.

The Trump administration has allowed more than 1.5 million acres of land in Alaska to be utilized for oil and gas drilling. If this isn’t stopped, heavy vehicles could be arriving soon to destroy the dens of polar bears and this will cause mother bears to abandon their homes, leaving their cubs to eventually die. Ultimately, the population of polars are decreasing at a steady rate and a possible future they could be facing is extinction. The US already has enough oil from other industries, so drilling in the wild is not necessary, especially if it destroys the home of many animals in that region. Oil drilling in the Arctic is also extremely dangerous, the financial cost is way too extreme, and this location is near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

Stand up for the Arctic Refuge, polar bears, and our climate.

Sign the petition now to tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to withdraw plans to auction off the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the oil industry.

How You Can Take Action

1. Sign the petition. 

2. Do not support oil companies located near the artic

3. Reach out to local governors to discuss this issue

4. Spread awareness to family and friends

5. Utilize renewable sources (biomass energies)

6. Share this petition!

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Date Verified: 02/14/21

Signature Goal: 300,000

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