The EPA just reapproved a pesticide that kills most crops and causes cancer in humans!

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In a striking 'screw you' to the people of the U.S., even the farmers they claim to protect, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the use of a previously banned pesticide

The EPA has reapproved the usage of a pesticide known as Dicamba, which is linked to many cancers and kills crops that resist, which is a large majority of them. Human health, food sources, and wildlife including pets, insects, bees are all at risk. This poisonous chemical is affecting cotton and soybeans, two of the most widely used items. If this authorization is not concluded soon, this dangerous, infectious chemical will end up in our bodies, foods, and all regions of our ecosystem. 

On top of the massive food loss that the toxin could cause are the numerous negative health effects, the scope of which is not even known. The National Cancer Institute conducted a study just this year that found links between dicamba and cancers of the liver and bile ducts. 

Tell the EPA to protect human health and food sources from this poison! Sign the petition demanding the agency rescind its reapproval of this killer chemical.

How You Can Take Action

1. Sign the petition. 

2. Reach out to the local authority to discuss this matter

3. Eat organically

4. Purchase from local farmers’ markets

5. Avoid purchasing items containing DICAMBA (ex. corn, barley, wheat)

6. Share this petition!

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Date Verified: 02/14/21

Signature Goal: 100,000

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